DairyBase Authority Sharing

The DairyBase Share Authority System enables you to share your data held on DairyBase with others, including your service providers. There are multiple levels of access authority available in the DairyBase Share Authority System and as a registered user, you can allocate and remove authority to share your data as you choose.  When choosing to allocate to another registered DairyBase user authority to access your unique Farm Business ID, this will enable that other user to create their own datasets using your Farm Business ID.  The other user will not, however be able to access the datasets you have created unless you also allocate to them authority to access those datasets.

By using the DairyBase Authority System, you acknowledge and agree that:


When you allocate authority on a Farm Business ID or dataset to another registered DairyBase user, below are the Terms and Conditions they agree to in receiving that authority.

The DairyBase Share Authority System enables registered users to share their data held on DairyBase. When another DairyBase user elects to share access to either their Farm Business ID or a particular dataset (an “Authoriser”) they do this on the basis that you, the authorised recipient sharer of this data, (“Authorised”) agrees to abide by the terms and conditions detailed below.

By accepting access to a Farm Business ID or dataset in DairyBase you, the Authorised, acknowledge and agree that:

Dairy Australia is not liable or responsible for, and accepts no liability or responsibility for, any cost, expense, loss or damage (including consequential loss or damage) suffered or incurred by you in any circumstance whatsoever associated with your use of DairyBase, including but not limited to, where you have accepted a share authority option to access datasets and/or a Farm Business ID provided to you by an Authoriser.